Government Requests

When legally forced to provide information to government or law enforcement agencies, we'll disclose the transcripts of that communication here.

Grand jury subpoena for Signal user data, Central District of California

27 Apr 2021

It’s the first half of 2021 – nearly five years since the “first half of 2016” – but in many ways not much has changed. The United Kingdom is still trying to figure out Brexit, another Justin Bieber song hit #1 on the charts (is it too late now to say sorry?), and Signal still doesn’t really know anything about you.


Grand jury subpoena for Signal user data, Eastern District of Virginia

04 Oct 2016

In the “first half of 2016” (the most specific we’re permitted to be), we received a subpoena from the Eastern District of Virginia. The subpoena required us to provide information about two Signal users for a federal grand jury investigation.

We’ve designed the Signal service to minimize the data we retain about Signal users, so the only information we can produce in response to a request like this is the date and time a user registered with Signal and the last date of a user’s connectivity to the Signal service.