Encrypt your face

junh3 on 08 Jun 2020

A picture of someone wearing the face covering.

One immediate thing seems clear about 2020: it’s a good year to cover your face. Online, we’re working to scale and improve Signal for everyone that is relying on it, but as one small offline way to help support everyone self-organizing for change in the streets, we’re also distributing face coverings free of charge.

We’re shipping them in packs of 50 to people in a position to receive and distribute them.

If you are in a position to receive and distribute, message us on Signal at this number: +1 (347) 201-2794

Once we connect, we’ll need an address to ship the masks to, at which point you can distribute them out to the community. Please be aware that we will be shipping directly from the manufacturer, so please do not send us an address that is sensitive or confidential.

This number will not handle any support or other communication outside of mask delivery. Please continue to use our community forums and the support center for everything related to the apps.

We continue to be inspired by what we’re seeing in the streets, and we’ll keep doing whatever we can to help you send a message.